We need to make sure we have the strongest defenses on earth, managed by the best available
leaders, to assure Liberty and Freedom for ourselves and our allies.  

I cannot give pertinent information here. To do so would be to tell the advisories our plans.

However, I can tell you:

If we commit, we commit to win.

We will beef up our readiness across the board.

We will modernize and make sure our soldiers have the very best equipmentavailable with
no politics involved

We will rebuild our presents around the world.

We will reform federal contracting.  Use less civilian employees.

We will make promotions based on talent and achievement and not by seniority. .

We will get in, do the job and leave, all on a timely basis.

We will change the rules of engagement to protect our soldiers first and foremost.

The battle at hand is Radicalism vs. Constitutionalism.

We will have no more homeless Vets period.

We will strengthen interrogations of terror suspects.

If Congress says water boarding is not torture, then it should be used.

We should reopen all overseas CIA interrogation centers.

Compensation and benefit package for these people that will be above average.

To see a veteran that is homeless is a disgrace and insult.  On my watch it will not be
tolerated and I will do my best to see that example is followed when I leave office.

I would support upgrading Veterans Hospitals to have the best equipment and enough top
notch doctors to handle flow.  There is no reason for Vet’s to have to wait unreasonable
time for procedures.  There is one way to fix the Veterans hospitals in short order.  We
simply have Congress get it’s medical needs through the Veterans hospital and they
cannot jump line.  

When A Vet returns home, they should be guaranteed a job.  If they can’t find one in the
private sector then they should be given one by the government until they are able to find
one in the private sector.  No Vet should lose a house or car because they had to leave a
job to defend the right for other Americans to keep theirs and have freedom.

When our troops are in a conflict they should have the best equipment available.  Not
inferior equipment because a certain vendor does not sell it.  

I would find out what the Generals say they need and get it for them.  If they said they need
20,000 more troops, I for sure would do all in my power to deliver them at least 20,000.  We
should go in… Clean up…. Get out.  We also should fight with the full force and mite we are
capable of.

Under my Presidency there would be no more apologizing to the enemy… period.