Jobs & Unemployment
When business prospers, business creates more jobs.

So, the direction of our Government should be to make business prosper.

In order to see companies and jobs return to America we need to Create an
environment where Companies prosper and want to return to America.  

Business needs a fair and even playing field.  

The Government needs to treat companies equal.

Business needs a fair and equal tax method so all businesses pay by the same formula.

No tax breaks, no exceptions.

Do away with tax returns.

We need to get rid of a lot of rules and regulations.

We structure our wages, so they are competitive with the rest of the world.  

The government will not need to dictate wages, minimum or otherwise.  

The free market will do that just fine.

The results will be much happier companies and much happier employees.

We make environmental standards make sense

We rethink environmental standards to make sense.

Do away with Capital Gains and payroll tax along with all kinds of other taxes, see
tax segment.

We decrease regulation of business by making business more accountable.
They become accountable to fix the damage they do even if no regulations were

The idea is to make government want to look for every way possible to keep
company cost as low as they can so the company does more business.  The more
business the company does, the more taxes they pay.  All companies will pay equal
taxes and not need to find loopholes.

Now if the Government reduces some of the ridiculous regulations and fees it
charges the company, not only will we have more companies return to America but
we will have the companies that are here, be able to do more business which means
they pay more taxes

Money will come into the treasury daily and weekly vs. yearly, making it easier for
government to budget and pay its bills, which will reduce the cost of doing business
for the Government.  

I am AWE STRUCK on how we measure unemployment.  

You cannot manage it if you cannot measure it.  
With all the Voo Doo methods of measuring, you can’t even even attempt to manage
The public should know monthly raw straight figures as:

A.)        How many eligible people are available for work?
B.)        How many eligible people want to work?
C.)        How many people are presently collecting benefits?
D.)        Break this down by age, race, date last worked and location.