No country in history has existed without borders, language and culture, I will
begin with borders.  We need to clean up our Immigration problem, which has
been neglected for way too many years, and do so in a fair and equitable manner.

We will authorize our border patrol to do what it was hired to do, secure our

We will deport Illegal Immigrants that are law breakers or have gang or drug
affiliated ties.

We need to slow down immigration until.

A.        We can verify who the people coming in are, where they are from and
what their intentions are.  We cannot allow people into our country who wish to
do us harm or our way of life.

B.        We need to substantially reduce immigration until we get all people back
to work.

C.        Present immigrants need time to assimilate so we are a united nation and
not just a nation of diverse people.

This out of control immigration is destroying our environment, our standard of
living and the quality of our lives.

To be fair to all we need to do away chain migration.

All Immigrants that remain, must be self-sufficient or have a sponsor that will be
financially responsible for them.

I support no citizenship for illegal immigrants unless they leave the country and
get in line.
Boarders, Language, and Culture