Health Care
We should not be forced to buy the product or be fined, but we are.

This is not only unconstitutional, it is shameful.

We need to give congress power to overrule the Supreme Court when such outlandish decisions
are made. We could set a high requirement like 2/3.

The “Affordable Care Act of 2010 gave 2.8 million people insurance who didn’t have any.  
However, 4.7 million who had health insurance lost theirs.  For this reason alone, I question its

It was supposed to let us keep our doctor, but it doesn’t.

Government shouldn’t decide which procedures you get or don’t get, but they are.

We were told there would be no death panels, but there now are.

We were supposed to save 2500 a year on our premium but instead, have seen them go up as
much as 5000.

Obama care is a disaster in the making.  The bill contains thousands of rules, regulations and taxes
that no one new were in it because we were told we had to pass it in order to read it.   Based on
the way it was passed the only thing to do is repeal it 100%

To make health care more affordable, we can put dollar limits on medical law suits
Cut off illegal aliens from free medical care.

Medical files should be private.

I would support stem cell research in most cases.

Abortion should be decided at state level and not paid for by Federal Government.

My stimulus plan everyone will have access to affordable health care insurance.