Crime - Gangs - Drugs
issues that are rotting the fabric of America by using the very people who are creating them, to stop

If we are going to have a civil society, we are going to need someone to control the uncivil elements
in that society.  The people who undertake this daunting task are known as “Police Officers”.  These
wonderful police officers are there for one primary reason. Just ONE!  That is to protect our Liberty
and Freedom.  The president’s main job is to protect the American People form enemies both foreign
and domestic.  The job of the police is to do the very same job for you and I, at a State and Local
level.  I will restate their job is to be there to PROTECT our Liberty and Freedom, for ALL of safety.  
We need a president who will use the bully pulpit to get this point across to the people urgent and

Now my plan is to prime the pump America needs to put all people back to work.

It all begins with JOBS.

I propose a stimulus to jump start the economy.  With that stimulus we would immediately, put every
single unemployed American back to work, with a wage 1 1/2 times above poverty every single
unemployed American back to work, with a wage 1 1/2 times above poverty
level.  I say all Americans because I don’t mean just skilled or semi-skilled workers but all Americans
who want a job, with Congressional approval.
This will end poverty and, homeless virtually overnight.
This will immediately begin to reduce crime/violence.
This will prime the American Economy to produce real jobs..
This will do away with government assisted housing.
This will do away with the need for food stamps.
This would allow all these American to obtain insurance.
This will also give us 30 to 90 million workers, based on how many people you think are
unemployed, a workforce which I will refer to as the “Newly Employed”.
Some of the "Newly Employed" people could be used to clean up the cities, tear down abandon
buildings and houses, mow grass, pull weeds or anything else the benefits the city.

Some of the “Newly Employed” could be sent to Big Brother/Sister programs.  This person could
assist children with educational needs.

Now that we have a workforce to use we can attack the gang, drug, and crime problem hard and fast.

We start with creating a graffiti crew.  When graffiti is put on anything, it would be remove the same
day. This stops Gangs from marking their turf or dis respecting someone else’s turf.

A portion of the “Newly Employed” could be assigned to assist police gang/drug/crime enforcement
units to use as the police so desire.

Some possibilities would be:
Put 4, 5, even 10 people on blocks where gang or drug activity is conducted.  Arm them with Cell
phone and a video recorder.  I wouldn’t be opposed to concealed carry so they could protect

Have these people report where drugs are being both bought and sold because we are now in the
process of reclaiming our cities and neighborhoods.

They could monitor either suspects or locations 24/7.

These are just a few examples.

Now as arrests should begin to go through the roof, we make each and every arrest count.  We put
them in front of a judge and if found guilty, the judge throws the book at them 20-25 years.  Of
course their pretrial offer will be hard to refuse.  The idea is not to put in jail where they learn to
become a smarter criminal it is to reform them and get them on the right road.  If they cooperate with
the police and reveal their sources, and associates, the would get a job with the "newly employed"
and have their record cleaned up.  Once they realize that the gang is not going to be there to
retaliate against them this should make it easier for all involved.  If not, they get to go to work on a
chain gang doing work Americans normally don’t do.  No more living in a cell with cable and a color
TV. The money they earn will go to pay for their incarceration and also reimbursement to the victims.  
They will not burden taxpayers for their incarceration.  The balance they earn can go to savings
At the same time the crackdown begins, so will the amnesty on using drugs.  For the people who are
addicted to any drugs, we will give them 60 days to report to an authorized clinic to report their
addiction.  They will then be given free drugs and be put through a rehab program.  

This should reduce robberies, thefts, break ins required to get money to buy their drugs.  At the
same time reduce the drug trade on the streets.  This will give the addicts some dignity back and let
them become productive part of society because they don’t have to spend their live on the streets
begging or stealing to get their next fix.  It will reduce medical problems from dirty needles and let us
identify those who currently have diseases.  

It will give us a number of how many people we need to put through rehab.  From there it becomes a
numbers game.  If we start out with 5 million and go through a six-month program and one million get
clean and stay clean, partly because the drugs are not readily available on the streets.  We now
have 4 million to deal with. Perform the next level of rehab and get another 15 to 20 percent clean.
Continue until all are free from drugs.

Once the drug trade and gang violence stops in the neighborhoods, people will reinvest in that
neighborhood. Your property values will actually go up instead of down. Imagine a person wanting to
live next to you instead of wanting to move away. It can be done with your help.

The plan is using the “newly employed” to clean up the neighborhoods, you should be able to take
the ghettos out of America. The idea is not to take the people out of the ghetto but to take the
ghetto's out of the cities.

When people have a decent place to live and a respectable job, that will go a long way to begin
settle race relations. You still have to address the Bill Cosby speech, but that should be a downhill

Giving all the unemployed a job will be the largest step ever taken to end race problems in America.  
I will not cower from using the bully pulpit in any way to discontinue this old fashion idea of racism.
I would suggest that the problems America is having is that due to lack of jobs not racism, our
children join gangs because through selling drugs, brings money. To break this cycle of generation
after generation indoctrination, we have to provide good jobs but at the same time hit the gang and
drug problem fast and hard. It will take years to correct but we have to start today.

We have to educate our young people not to get involved.  We need a president that is going to see
the program through and not just start it and then say we tried.  A movement has to be started that
drugs are not cool; they are life destroying. To do drugs is shaming to your race, to your family, and
all of your friends. This is where peer pressure can be applied successfully and the person using
that peer pressure should be recognized and praised. Because the unemployment is greatest in
minority communities, that is where the drug and violence chose for a home base.