Democratic Party

I selected the Democratic Party for several reasons:
  • No one is listening to them and their voice NEEDS to be heard.  

  • The Republican Party no longer knows what they stand for.

  • I personally align myself with the working people.  It is about time someone
    actually represented them.  

  • It is time to put ALL Americans to work with a respectable job.  

  • Since it is difficult to get higher wages I would work hard to reduce the cost of
    living, starting with taxes.

  • Since the Democratic Party is supposed to represent the working person,
    therefore, I would like to see the Democratic Party stop the redistribution of
    the working person’s wealth, and giving it to the rich and to the poor.  The
    working person should be able to keep it for themselves.  The rich don’t need
    it and we will give the poor people a job.  Sound like a good sound plan

It is my firm belief that Hillary is not going to make it to the finish line for the
following reasons:

  • Illegal use of IRS.
  • Covering up Bills No No’s
  • Removing furniture from White House after Bill’s term.
  • Filegate getting FBI files on enemies.
  • Close ties to Muslim Brotherhood, an organization whose goal is to overthrow
    America and change us to Shariah Law.
  • Email Gate I worry about her going to prison for this.
  • Chinagate
  • Travelgate
  • Whitewater
  • Missing law firm records in 1996
  • Hillary’s cash cowgate
  • Hillary’s close connection with Saul Alinsky
  • Receiving cash from arm of Iranian government.
  • The Clinton foundation
  • Russia Getting our Uranium
  • Benghazi 4 dead Americans “What difference does it make”
  • The "fixed" primary election.
  • Raising taxes 1/3 more.
  • No jobs proposal to get people out of having to beg to the government.
  • No program to stop the gang, drug, violence that is rotting our Country.

There is a lot of baggage that she may survive but the main reason is she is really
not offering anything to get people back on their feet to become self-sufficient.

So rather than let Donald win I am suited up ready, willing and able to do the Job.
I just need you to help me get the word out