A country cannot exist without borders, language and culture.  
The family unit is the nucleus of our culture, therefore it is easy to see why our country is headed in
the wrong direction.
The American culture was one which included:
  • Being individual – We need the education system to recognize this.
  • A winning attitude, being competitive and always trying to better ourselves - Now everybody
    gets a trophy, which means we are not breading winners.
  • Honesty at a handshake. A man’s word was his bond.  Now everything has to be in writing.
  • Being able to trust what a person said was the truth. - It is common for our elected officials to
    lie and then blame someone else.  Where is leading by example?
  • Being courteous and polite – Is the exception instead of the rule.  We need reinforce family
  • Strong moral values – Again taught in strong family units.  Used to also be taught in schools
    but time has change that.
  • Offering a helping hand. – Laws allowing someone to be sued for trying to assist.
  • Building things the best. Lack of free market principals made this unprofitable.
  • Freedom and Liberty – A little more being lost with every law that is passed.
  • Tolerance and diversity – Now the words are twisted to mean something different.  We have
    men using the women’s bathroom.  Tolerance is great but there is a time to say enough is
    enough.  We need to stop rejoicing diversity in America and revert back to what made us
    great, which is unity.  United we stand and diversely we will fall.  We may be a nation of
    diverse people, but those diverse people have to assimilate to our American culture and be in
    unity with the rest of us.  We are a Nation of Unity made up of diverse people, we are not a
    Nation of diversity where people do not assimilate.
  • Keep in mind that many of these diverse people have never lived with Freedom and Liberty.  
    We need to have them assimilate so we can teach them how to act as well as vote for people
    who are going to continue to guarantee that that we keep our Freedom and Liberty and not
    just vote for the person who is going to give them the most freebies.
  • Language – No country can survive when it’s language is in competition with another.  We
    need to make English the official language.
  • Prod of our flag. – The flag that represents the greatest nation in the world is allowed to be
    desecrated in its own country.  Try to do that in any other country and see what happens.  
    Why is America so right in being the only country to allow this?  Again the laws protecting our
    right to freedom of expression to cost us our Liberty and Freedom.  We don’t need to shoot the
    bastards who desecrate our flag, but deportation should be the minimum allowed.  
  • Not allowing Americans to wear/display the stars and stripes in schools but allowing someone
    from another country to allow them to wear/display their flag.  Where is our equality.  Forget
    about equality, where is our common sense?  I think it is hiding behind tolerance and diversity.
  • Our flag used to be displayed anywhere - We should allow our flag to be displayed with dignity
  • Generosity – Americans are the most generous people in the world.  They are soooooo
    generous, they are about to give their country away.  They are about to experience what it is
    like to live without total Liberty and Freedom.
  • Having natural rights given to us by God. – Since we are doing away with God, who is going
    to give us these rights, when they are taken away from us.
  • Automobiles – Government passing laws that make them less safe in the name of economy or
    the environment.
  • Woman used to stay home and took care of house and children.
  • Rich free economy – Part of our culture has been a free market system.  Along with the rest of
    our culture it is slowly being done away with in favor of large companies controlling everything
    you can imagine.  I say it is time to bring back free market principals.
  • Right to own property. – We now legislate that it is ok for government to take property from
    one person to give to another so they can collect more tax revenue.  We fought and won a
    revolution against unchecked political power, and for property rights.  Now you have court
    judges who say it is OK for the government to take your property (not for their use, which is
    something different) but to give to someone else who will pay more taxes on it.  Where in hell
    is our congress?  The Government is supposed to protect our property, not take it away.  
    Now, what is to stop the Government from coming in and taking your TV away and giving it to
    someone who will use it more?  This UNCHECKED power is not good for our culture and it
    surely is not good for us.
  • Madison, one of our founding fathers, warned us that when excess power happen, property is
    no longer respected, then nothing is sacred any more.  
  • Supporting each other – part of our culture is to help out each other.  We presently need more
    help than some realize.
  • Environmental awareness.  Is very important but needs to be recognized when it is used to
    control us.  We can’t have incandescent bulbs because of efficiency standards but we can
    pollute our landfills with mercury which can leach into our water system and poison us.  Now
    of course one company benefiting from this law, had nothing to do with it being passed.
  • Inheritance – We have been known to be able to leave the fruits of our labor to our children.  
    Now the government wants to take that money away.  Please take a little time to think about
  • Part of our culture is our arts and sciences – Imagine it taking a billion dollars and years to
    clear the red tape to bring just one drug to market, all due to government regulations.  Then
    once the drug is dispersed to the market, after all that testing required, they are sued billions
    of dollars for not disclosing something.  Now we wonder why it cost so much for medical care.
  • Pledge of Allegiance – The pledge of Allegiance in schools is part of our culture and should be
    returned to our schools.
  • Religious Freedom - America was built on religious beliefs. It is ludicrous to take religion out of
    government and everywhere else. Freedom of religion is part of our culture and must be
  • Constitutional Republic - Another part of our culture, which might be the most important part is
    our form of government, “The Republic” if we can keep it.  The Republic form of government
    allows one single man to come in at the last minute “like a knight in shining armor” to save the
    republic.  The Republic gives the people to the power govern themselves.  Once we become
    subjects instead of citizens, it will be too late to realize that a mistake was made.  A Republic
    gives its citizens Liberty and Freedom, like no other form of government.  I will sustain a
    Republic form of government.  

We need to stop passing and un-pass some laws that are interfering with our Liberties and
Freedoms, which will allow us to reclaim our culture back.

A Strong family unit teaches respect, especially respect for elders.  Instead of our children working
their way up in a gang, learning violence and crime, they should be working their way up the ladder
of education and then an occupation.  The point I am trying to make is that we need to stop the
rotting of our culture.

Please understand that all of the above are under attack.  That is why you feel our country is
headed in the wrong direction.  You are beginning to feel your liberty and freedom being taken
away from you.  This is why you must undertake the process of writing in your selection as
president, Keith Singleton.  You must do this even in the states that don’t allow it.  So the voice of
the people can be heard.  You vote will not be waisted IF it is not counted.  It will be one less vote
for him or her which is like a vote me, however the important part is that your voice is heard by the
state.  It will be a vote for Liberty and Freedom and your state will hear that loud and clear.