•        Hillary is going to do RAISE TAXES 1.1 TRILLION DOLLARS, and get the rich to pay just a little bit more, and more and
more and more because they just haven’t paid their fair share yet. She will never tell you what their fair share is, but we do know
it is just a little more.
Keith is going to pass a flat for individuals of 25% of total income, and for business & all other organizations a flat 5% of
Keith will permanently close ALL tax loopholes once and for all.  Keith will get all people to pay their fair share and not a dime
Hillary wants the federal government to pay for all abortions.
Keith believes the federal Government should not pay for any abortion period.
Hillary wants free higher education and wants those who don’t NEED it, to pay for those who WANT it. (this is truly a sign of
education failure in America).  
Keith would use the free market system to bring the cost of college down to a reasonable price.
As president, Hillary says she will reform our broken criminal justice system.
When I think about how Hillary, violated espionage act, told soldiers to stand down in Benghazi, said she turned over all the
emails then 30,000+ emails were found, allowed Soviet Union to get 20% of our Uranium and backed Muslim Brotherhood in
takeover of Egypt, I would have to agree that a certain level of our criminal justice system is broken.  However, I don’t think that
level can be fixed, I think it needs to be replaced.
Hillary will invest in America by restoring basic fairness to our tax code.
Keith will do away with our unfair tax code.

Hillary wants the rich to pay their fair share.
Keith wants everyone to pay their fair share and not a dime more unless they want to.

Hillary want to bring law enforcement and communities together to develop national guidelines on the use of force by police
Keith Believes we need to attack the cause of the force required and not the police.
Hillary wants to acknowledging that implicit bias still exists across society—even in the best police departments—
Keith believes Hillary is totally wrong.

Hillary believes in rich vs. poor, women vs. men, this color vs. that color.
Keith believes it is time to unite the country.  United we can fight problems and divided, nothing is going to get accomplished.

Hillary thinks we (the taxpayers) should make new investments to support state-of-the-art law enforcement training programs at
every level.
Keith supports each community should make their own decisions.

Hillary supports legislation to end racial profiling
Keith does not believe that police use “racial profiling”.  Keith does believe the police use profiling which I support 100%.
Hillary believes in strengthening the U.S. Department of Justice’s pattern or practice unit
Keith believes we need a new justice department.  One that perform justice for all equally.

Hillary believes in doubling funding for the U.S. Department of Justice “Collaborative Reform” program
Providing federal matching funds to make body cameras available to every police department in America.

Keith supports spending that money to put body cameras on criminals.

Hillary wants to end the era of mass incarceration.
Keith would like to see the same thing.

Hillary believes in prioritizing treatment and rehabilitation—rather than incarceration

Keith believes that almost all judges have already have ordered treatment and rehabilitation and have given several get out of
jail free cards and that they don’t incarcerate until they have exhausted all other means.

Hillary wants to provide $2 billion in support to schools to reform overly punitive disciplinary policies.
Keith believes that should be a State and Local Community responsibility.  
Hillary believes in Ending the privatization of prisons.
Keith believes in ending the privatization of prisons.  

Hillary believes in taking executive action to “ban the box” for federal employers and contractors

Keith believes that we should stop telling all employers and contractors who they can and cannot hire.
I also believe that there should be a way for some criminals to expunge their record if they demonstrate they are worthy of it.

Hillary has always believed that when unions are strong, families are strong and America is strong.
Keith would agree with the statement but not agree that one is dependent on the other.

Hillary believes that unions created the strongest middle class in the history of the world.
Keith believes this not to be true.  Keith believes that Capitalism created the strongest “middle class” in the history of the world.
The word “Middle Class” was coined by Karl Marx and used to describe those better than average people in America who
believe in Capitalism.

Hillary believes that raising the minimum wage is going to lift 35 million people out of poverty.
Keith believes that history shows us every time we raise minimum wage, poverty goes up.

Hillary wants to in first 100 days, invest in infrastructure jobs that will put some people back to work.
Keith plans to in first 100 days. put every single American back to work.

Hillary supports raising minimum wage
Keith supports letting employer and employee agree to what the wage will be.
Hillary will reward companies that share profits and invest in their workers.
Keith Thinks that as long as she uses her own money and not tax payer’s money, she should do it.
Hillary will crack down on companies that move profits overseas to avoid paying U.S. taxes and she will make companies that
export jobs give back the tax breaks they’ve received in America.
Keith will revise the tax system so that companies will not want to take their money out of the country.
Hillary will fight for equal pay for women
Keith will fight for equal pay for equal work.
Hillary wants guarantee paid leave, child care and housing.
Keith would like to see the government stop spending it doesn’t have.
Hillary wants to protect retirement security.
Keith will protect your retirement security.
Keith does not believe that Hillary is fighting hard enough when she keeps finding reasons to putting more on the system that
didn’t pay into it.
Hillary wants to enhance, not privatize, social security.
Keith is going to SAVE social security with a sound plan.
Hillary is going to unlock access to capital for new businesses.
The tax payer should know who is going to guarantee these loans for Capital?  Who is going to pay when they default, will it be
the taxpayer or will is this going to be a bubble in the making?
Hillary wants entrepreneurs to defer student-loan payments with no interest while they get their ventures off the ground.
Keith does not want to stick the tax payer with deferred interest on these loans.
Providing tax relief and simplification for small businesses.
Keith is going to make the tax code it one page long.
Hillary is going to try to fix “Affordable Care Act”.
Keith believes the “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable and should be repealed.
Making sure small businesses get paid—not stiffed.
Keith will support any business to get paid – not stiffed.  A person’s word should be their bond.
Hillary has a 100-days jobs plan: make the boldest investment in good-paying jobs since World War II.
Keith has a jobs plan that will put ALL Americans back to work within first 100 days.
Make debt free college available to all Americans.
Keith will not transfer the debt of the student onto the taxpayers, not past students or future students.
Hillary wants to rewrite the rules so that more companies share profits with employees—and fewer ship profits and jobs
Keith wants to leave companies alone so they can do what they feel is in their best interest.
Hillary wants to make certain that corporations, the wealthy, and Wall Street pay their fair share.
Keith wants to know what their “fair share” is.  For years and years, we have been raising the taxes on the rich and they still
have not got their fair share?
Hillary wants to enact policies that meet the challenges families face in the 21st-century economy.
Keith wants to enact policies so families don’t have to face challenges in the 21st century economy.
Hillary thinks manufacturing is coming back…
Keith doesn’t think manufacturing is coming back until you pass fair tax laws, substantially reduce regulations, get rid of the
Affordable Care Act, stop the war on prosperity and reduce the cost of doing business in America.
Hillary thinks her job will be to create more good-paying jobs, to get wages rising again for American workers and families.
Keith thinks his job will be to create a climate where companies can prosper and let the free market determine fair wages.  
When it is good for both the wage earner and the company, then it is good for America also.
Hillary believes that that we should make all the people who broke our immigration laws should be made citizens.
Keith believes that we need to stop immigration until we give the people here a chance to assimilate, until we can properly vet
the people coming here, and until we get our citizens back to work.
To recap the two positions,
Hillary is going to spend like a drunken Marxist.  Every problem is a reason to spend more money.  Your taxes are going to go
up 1/3, that is if you pay taxes.  Hillary cannot fix the economy because she doesn’t understand that you need to first create a
climate where businesses can flourish.  You can’t just spend 10 billion dollars and expect manufacturing to come back.  Without
businesses, there are no jobs and without jobs how do you pay for all of the spending she is going to do.  Sine you are still
reading this, I beg you from the bottom of my heart (which is pretty big emotionally) to please, please, please do your own
research and see how close we are to financially losing our great country.  And what follows just is not pretty.  I understand
where we are in the process, and there is a process going on, and apparently I am one of the few people in this country that
express the desire to want to see America become that shining beacon of hope in the world.  It has to begin with stopping the
gang and drug problem that is rotting our country from the inside.  I am the only candidate with a solid plan to stop it.  AND it
does no good to worry about the rest if we don’t do Gangs and Drugs first.  Then we have to put our families back together
which is the only solid foundation to reclaim our culture.  Keith Singleton is going to reduce the size of government and bring
common sense back into the way we spend tax payers money.  

Donald is going to spend like a sober Marxist (that is not as much as a drunken Marxist spends but still a lot) just because that is
his style.  His plan says he will “Create a dynamic booming economy that will create 25 million new jobs over the next decade”
only 25 million jobs and over ten years. We have 40-90 million out of work TODAY!!! Now these jobs are based on “Projected
current laws job figures” If you don’t understand what “Projected current laws job figures” are, don’t feel bad, neither does
Donald says he is a great negotiator, he was going to have Mexico pay for a fence on the Border.  How many times did he say
“MEXICO IS GOING TO PAY FOR IT”?  Mexico said they were not going to pay for it and Donald said It just got bigger.  Donald
demonstrated his negotiating skills, and now we are going to pay 100% for the wall.    
Donald wants the government to pay for maternity leave.  Of course this sounds like something only the American Government
would do…  That is pay someone to not work.  Donald is not fixing the problems in the economy, he is creating a new one!

Donald’s tax plan is “Reduce taxes across-the-board, especially for working and middle-income Americans”.
More rhetoric from Donald.  It all depends on who he is talking to.  He says he want to raise taxes across the board and then he
says he wants to reduce taxes across-the-board.  Donald says what he wants you to hear and not what he means.
Donald’s tax plan is “Ensure the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs or undermines out
ability to compete.”  What is wrong with EVERYONE paying their fair share?  Is Donald intelligent enough to know what their fair
share is or is he like Hillary and mean their fair share is JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE.  
Donald’s tax plan is “Eliminate special interest loopholes, make our business tax rate more competitive to keep jobs in America,
create new opportunities and revitalize our economy.” He is only going to eliminate “special interest Loopholes.”  Why not ALL
Donald believes in the voucher system for schools which I agree with but think it makes more sense to bring the poor schools to
an equal teaching level as the better schools.  
Donald has a most excellent energy plan, now if he just doesn’t change it.
His military plan is outstanding but I didn’t see having the congress get its medical needs from the Vet’s Hospitals.
Donald says he will repeal Obamma Care and replace it with health savings accounts.  I do not believe he will repeal Obamma
Care once he is elected.  I believe this is another example of him telling you what he wants you to hear to get your vote.    
Donald has supported universal health care paid for by the government all the way back to 1999 up to the Fox New’s debate,  
Now it once again looks like he is just saying what you want to hear to get your vote.  
Donald on immigration, Donald is all over the board, I haven’t checked on his position this week.  He is going to build a wall and
have Mexico pay for it. Now Mexico isn’t going to pay for it. We are going to pay 100% for it.  He is going to deport all illegal
immigrants when he needed your vote to win primary, now that he has your vote, he is not going to deport all illegal immigrants.  
This one single issue was his MAJOR issue to get your vote.
His National Defense plan is way too good to be anything he had to do with other than accept it.  My hat off to him for doing that
if he sticks by it if he is elected.  Donald’s retains the unfair progressive tax plan but reduces it to three brackets.  Donald is not
going to remove all the tax loopholes.