Budget & Spending
Our country is headed to one of the biggest bubbles of all time.  The unfunded liability
bubble.  Neither of the two leading candidates know what to do about it or how to handle
it If they even know it exist.  I am identifying it and a resolution has to be implemented
immediately. If not, almost every single American is going to find retirement and saving
accounts being raided overnight.  If you don’t think it could happen, neither did the people
in France, Poland, Hungary or Iceland.

My Budget will strengthen our economy, our military and our society as a whole, which
will make each of our lives better and give us more Liberty and Freedom.  For this reason
alone… I should be elected President.  

One of my first goals will be to turn the debt clock around the first year.  This would be
just a baby step but a step in the right direction.  

Since if you can’t manage if you can’t measure it, I will institute an accounting system that
would allow a profit and loss statement available weekly.  This will allow necessary
changes to be made daily and not wait weeks or months or in some cases years to make
adjustments.  This will not only allow us to NOT spend our children’s and grandchildren’s
money, it will allow us to actually pay back some of their money we already spent.

We will have a balanced budget with the first budget and all budgets thereafter and on
time.  No more wasting time playing the budget game.

Our goal will be to spend less than we take in.

While the budget is brought back to the black.  Inflation needs to be controlled, so
paychecks don’t shrink.  That means we should:
  • Tighten the monetary policy (higher interest rates from the fed)
  • Reduce the budget deficit.
  • Slow down the printing of money, or a while.
  • Reduce the cost of doing business in America.
Our current tax system is totally outdated and obsolete.  We not only need to get the rich
to pay their fair share, we need everyone to pay their fair share and not a dime more.  

The cost of collecting that tax is way too high.  So we have to start with a new streamline,
efficient way of assessing and collecting tax.  We need a "Fair Taxing System".

We can also drastically reduce the cost of compliance with a fairer taxing system, while
maintaining a strong national defense, to protect you and your newly to be acquired

We need to drastically reduce the regulatory burden that is sending one company after
another out of this country.  We need them to produce jobs, not be run out of the country
because of too much regulation.  We have to take into consideration what any new
regulations are going to do to our business before they are allowed to be put into effect.

In order for this economy to have a chance to succeed, the Affordable Care Act of 2010
simply has to be repealed in full.

With the stimulus package putting everyone back to work.  Everyone will have the funds
to obtain insurance.  Affordable Care Act of 2010 will simply not be needed.

With the stimulus package putting everyone back to work, Welfare should for all practical
purposes turn it back to the States where it can be administered properly.

I will lead the fight to end the War on Prosperity.  We don’t need to make the wealthy,
less wealthy, to do so would give us a country full of poor people.  We need to make the
less wealthy people wealthier.

For years and years, we keep taking more money from the rich and it gets us nowhere.  After 25
years, shouldn't we simply say "IT DON'T WORK"!
 The Problem in America is not that money
is unjustly distributed; it is that POWER is unjustly distributed.  So I think it is time to
finally redistribute the power in Government.  We need to shift the power in Government
back to the States, where they can redistribute it to the counties, cities and villages and
then of course to we the people.  
Now for this reason alone I should be elected.

For those people who believe “from each according to his ability, to each according to his
need”, our country seriously needs to assist these people in finding a country where the
government follows that policy.  There are plenty of countries that follow that belief;
America is just not one of them.  We should give them a respectable check and a one-
way ticket to the paradise of their choosing.