Born Keith Alan Singleton on Sunday April 30, 1950 at Saint Agnes Hospital in Fond Du Lac,
Wisconsin 54935, where I lived until a few months ago.  I presently live in Cloquet,
Graduated L.P. Goodrich High School 1969.
Attended Wis. State University in Fond Du lac for one year. Then started a family.
In June of 1970 obtained a job at Mercury Marine working as a machinist.  
While working at Mercury Marine, studied electronics through Devry University  home
study program and built a new house from ground up.
1975 started electronic repair business, working out of my basement and garage.
About 1982 left Mercury Marine and worked full time in my electronics business.  Built the
"American Dream", a very successful business.
Bought and sold products under the names of Curtis Mathes, IBM, Compaq, Hewlett
Packard, Epson, Novell, and many, many more.
I have four children, three girls and a boy.  Three girls graduated college and one enrolled
currently for advanced degree.  One boy working on his 4-year degree.

Business has taught me to:
Act rather than react.
Fix the problem, NOT assign blame.
Analyze the problem, and come up with a plan for a solution in a timely manor
That if any business person neglects any portion of their business, they only think their a
business person.
the people want me to do.

I do my best to follow his wisdom and teachings and I will respect and defend the rights of
others to practice their own beliefs.

and my country . . .
I will keep the United States a strong and fair nation and teach our young about our system
of government and their responsibilities as citizens and future voters.

America is made up of countless families and communities. When you work to improve
your community and your home, you are serving your country. Natural resources are
another important part of America's heritage worthy of your efforts to understand, protect,
and use wisely. What you do can make a real difference.

and to obey the Laws; . . .
I obey the laws and play by the rules as all government officials should have to do...
especially the law of common sense.

To help other people at all times; . . .
There are many people who need us. Our cheerful smile and helping hand will ease the
burden of many who need assistance. By helping out whenever possible, we are doing
our part to make this a better world.

To keep myself physically strong, . . .
Take care of your body so that it will serve you well for an entire lifetime. That means
eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly to build strength
and endurance. it also means avoiding harmful drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and anything else
that can harm your health.

mentally awake, . . .
Develop our mind both in the classroom and outside of school. Be curious about
everything around us, and work hard to make the most of our abilities. With an inquiring
attitude and the willingness to ask questions, we can learn much about the exciting world
around us and our role in it.

and morally straight.
I believe that to be a person of strong character, your relationships with others should be
honest and open.
I believe you should respect and defend the rights of all people.
I believe you should be clean in your speech and actions, and remain faithful in your
religious beliefs.
I will be open and honest in ALL dealing.
Openness will allow us to identify new ways to achieve our goals.
I have strong beliefs but will always remain open minded.
I will not act without the approval of the leaders of the states and/or people.
I will not allow the leaders of the states to act if they don't have the approval of the people.
I will not make myself indispensable by hoarding information, skills, and experience.
I like to continually work to develop leadership qualities in others.
I like to pull my own weight and share tasks appropriately.
I will not carry out my plan, we will carry out our plan.
I support 'grass roots democracy' people tell representative; rep tells congress/senator.
I will not use or condone mob tactics by myself or my administration.
I will not "GET YOU" before I want your vote and then "NOT GET YOU" after I get your

You see, I am just an ordinary person in an extra ordinary country.

We have a responsibility we owe to our Children and Grandchildren.  It is the same responsibility our
Parents and Grandparents had.  That is to preserve and protect Liberty and freedom for future generations.  
I will make all decisions based on preserving our Liberty and Freedom.  
I will use “Common Sense”.  Not all presidents know or knew what this is!!!

I work long and hard hours and always do my best at what I do.  You will seldom find me on the golf course,
although I adore the game.

Sometimes I argue with friends about politics just because I think the issues are important.

I am open minded which means that I can respect other people's view without criticizing them or calling
names.  I don't believe that it has to be "My way or the highway".

I, like many of you, am tired of being lied to, tired of being misled, tired of the sneaky underhanded deals
that are done to us DAILY.  I can assure you that I will not continue such practice.

I like to make sure all are involved in the discussion to get the best choices for positive results.