We prime the pump to kick in the economy to full speed with a stimulus package.  All
citizens go work.

The cost of putting everyone back to work will be between a 1 to 1.5 Trillion depending
on who’s unemployed figure you believe.  Give or take a few billion.

The cost savings in social programs as they are cleaned up, with people back to work
will be between 1-1.5 Trillion. Give or take a few billion.

WE Clean up Gangs, Drugs, Crime and Violence

We take 20-30 million of the new people from the new workforce and have them assist
the police to crush the gangs, the drugs, and the violence, occurring all over this

We Education

Since these companies will need the best educated workforce in the world.  We need to
have our education system do just that.  Our country needs leadership to do just exactly
that. This means that cooperation in changing the rules is going to be needed at all
levels.  We need to recognize that the current system is just not working.  We need a
system that will produce grades better than the rest of the world.

I don’t find that to be as hard as most people make might think it is.  We implemented
some new modern methods of teaching and our student's grades fell.  We revised those
methods and the grades dropped more.  So we simply stop using those methods and go
back to the old proven methods of learning.  

We add computer assisted learning and we set an example in education for the rest of
the world to follow.  Since students have a yearning for learning, they will adapt quickly.

As reformed education begins to take place and the gangs drugs and violence starts to
disappear you may see relationships and families begin to re-form that did not stand a
chance before. These new strong families assisting their children's education means
less special education needs.  As all of this is happening your government will be
rebuilding your military so it all can continue to just get better.

When Businesses see that our country is now going forward instead of backwards, we
should begin to see them reinvest in America with confidence.  The important thing to
do is to destroy the processes that made them leave the country, so future generations
will not have to see this awful process repeated.

We Change Business Climate:

1.        Change our tax structure to a “Proceeds Tax, not only will we finally get the rich to
pay their fair share, but we will get everyone else to pay their fair share too.  
2.        We can get our regulations people to use some common sense and back off some
of the job killing rules and regulations.
3  We get the government to focus on helping companies cut their costs and expenses,
such as energy, expense on workforce, paperwork.
4 Since companies need brilliant people we fix the education system.

As companies begin to return to America. People will begin to leave the stimulus job and
enter the American workforce, this lowers the cost of the stimulus but does not raise the
cost of the welfare programs.

There will also be a lot of new jobs created from so many people going back to work.  
Jobs like daycare, auto repair shops, food services and the list goes on and on.  There
will also be real money infused in the local economies that need it the most.

Since our form of government “Constitutional Republic” requires a well-educated
people, this becomes pretty important to not have smarter but smartest students in the

Now to achieve this we all have to work together.  This is a team effort.  It is not for the
Democrats or Republicans, it is not for the rich or the poor, nor is it for a specific color.  It
is for all of us who wish to continue to live in a country with Liberty and Freedom.

Details are inside…