Why I Am Running

I can see our country is not on the right path and I would like to change that.
I thought the politicians I supported and defended… cared about the same issues we do, only to find out
differently; most seem to only care about their careers and themselves. Now, I feel cheated.

I don’t think it is right that while I work hard, live prudently and spend wisely that those who did not, got
bailed out and at our expense.

I thought most of our officials represented us the people who elected them and our agenda and not the
lobbyist who contribute mega bucks to their campaign.  Boy was I fooled.

I believe elected officials are going to protect the constitution because they pledged to do so, then I found
out many can’t remember the last time was they read the constitution.

I often wonder why no president has ever made race problems in America disappear.

I would like to stop the blaming and finger pointing and just resolve the problems.

It feels congress passes a bill to create jobs and lets us know exactly just how many jobs they are
responsible for creating but they don’t say a word to us about the bill they passed to give those jobs to
foreign workers.  I would like to change that.

NOW the number one reason I am running for president is…  “SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT”.

I would like to run a campaign which is based 100% on Liberty and Freedom for all.  
Not based on Republican or Democrat, Not based on Rich or Poor, Not based on one color or another
color, but based on Liberty and Freedom for all.  Think of how refreshing this will be.

I am running to make that bad feeling that our country is not on the right path go away and replace those
feelings with feelings of more Liberty and Freedom for each and every person in America.

I can hear our country crying for help and wondering when someone is going to do something about it.  

I waited through the debates…Then I waited through the primaries….
And then I found out what our choices for President were.

Well, to shorten the story, after seeing what our choices were,  I felt it my civic duty to get involved.  

I then decided to enter the race for president, BECAUSE… SOMEONE HAS TO DO IT.

Our country is rotting from the inside out.  Our Cities, Towns and Villages are being overtaken by drugs!  
Crime and violence follows very closely behind.  It has now got to the point we are breading criminals from
our innocent babies.  I… with your will stop this.

Our Culture is being ruined.  Our family institutions are being destroyed.  Our Religious Freedoms are
being attacked.  Our language is being marginalized.  Even our second amendment is slowly being gutted.  
This means that other than the Government ONLY Criminals will have guns.

As our culture is slowly being destroyed, along with it goes our Liberty and Freedom.  

All of this is being done in the name of Tolerance and Diversity.  

I want to demonstrate actual honesty to the people where a president and his administration doesn't lie or
mislead anybody and will not tolerate anyone else in my administration to do so.  For this reason alone… I
should be elected.

I want to demonstrate that a president can make Timely Decisions - A Keith Singleton administration will
make timely decision based on information at the time, it won’t take days or weeks to make decisions that
need to be made in hours or minutes.   

I want to show the people that when a mistake is made that the administration will admit that a mistake was
made, apologize for that mistake, make corrections quickly and then on to the next issue.  No finger
pointing or blaming… just action. … To demonstrate that "The buck will stop here".

I want to show the prove that an administration can and will reach out to both sides and find common
territory, not pretend to have all the answers and realize that the more options you have the better the
decision can be made.

I would like to see a president and an administration that can identify problems when they exist, so we can
select a proper process to fix it in a timely manner, saving us millions if not billions of dollars.


The health care bubble that is currently developing.

Social Security solvency problems.

Racial problems BEFORE they get out of hand.

The unfunded housing liabilities bubble, now over 200 trillion dollars.

The housing bubble that is once again developing.

All these problems have given or are giving warning signs that we need to tack action NOW, not later.

I want a president who will rule for the people and not over the people..

I believe we need a President who will step in to direct the team when they begin to stray off the
successfully determined path and set them on the right path (Liberty and Freedom) without using the
power of his title.

I want us to have a president who will not tolerate lies, corruption and finger pointing in government.

I would like to add here that I have not run for senate or congress as I would be powerless to make the
changes we need made to restore our Freedom and Liberty in America.